[Jenkins-infra] Issue with the Jenkins LDAP account

Ksenia Nenasheva ks.nenasheva at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 21:45:12 UTC 2017


It seems I have a problem with my account (ks_nenasheva). I cannot log in
to my account on issues.jenkins-ci.org and https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org; and
I also cannot upload the new version of the my plugin.

I can’t reset my password, because the account page returns the "no such
user account found" error. On the other hand, I still can open my account
page in Jenkins JIRA. Seems the database is corrupted somehow.

Could you please fix or reset the account?

User ID: ks_nenasheva
E-mail: ks.nenasheva at gmail.com

Thanks in advance,
Kseniia Nenasheva
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