[Jenkins-infra] secured jenkins mirrors

Greg Swift greg.swift at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Jun 12 20:21:14 UTC 2017

Hey all.

I work at Rackspace and as we are building out our newest environments
we've started blocking port 80 explicitly.  The Jenkins systems in that
environment are failing on downloading plugins due to a 302 redirect
from https to http.  I'd rather avoid having to open an exception for
downloading updates and plugins from the Jenkins mirrors. 

So the url:


redirects to http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org/plugins/htmlpublisher/latest

which may redirect out to any number of non-ssl'd mirrors.

If i add https:// to the mirrors.jenkins-ci I get a cert mismatch with
pkgs.jenkins.io which seems to only do platform specific package repos.

So I guess my question is, is it possible for the secured
pkgs.jenkins.io to also have the plugins and update center packages? Or
can we go about mirroring the content to Rackspace's internal mirrors?

Rackspace runs a set of mirrors both internally and for our
customers[1]. Our preference for running a mirror is to use rsync, but
looking through your documentation i did not see any rsync links, so I
wanted to reach out and discuss this with y'all.  


Greg Swift

[1] https://mirrors.rackspace.com

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