[Jenkins-infra] Procedure for upgrading our Kubernetes cluster (Azure Container Service)

Olblak me at olblak.com
Thu Jun 15 12:14:07 UTC 2017

My point here is that we are running one version behind what ACS deploy
-> https://github.com/Azure/ACS/blob/master/kubernetes-status.md

It's not yet urgent but we have to think about "how to upgrade the
And meanwhile, we all know what happen when we delay to many upgrades.

Apparently upgrades are not yet supported by Azure which means that we
gonna have to do it manually and by 'ourself'.

So Right now we have two possibilities:
  - We upgrade the cluster 'now'
  - We delay a little bit and we hope that the procedure will be
  simplified by Azure


On Thu, Jun 15, 2017, at 12:06 AM, R. Tyler Croy wrote:
> olblak referenced this issue (https://github.com/Azure/ACS/issues/5),
> which
> also references
> https://github.com/colemickens/azure-kubernetes-status/issues/15, in IRC
> today.
> I think the topic warrants a bit more formalized discussion, thus this
> mailing
> list thread.
> olblak, if you could expand on what you're thinking for upgrading
> Kubernetes,
> that would be a great starting point, since you have the most experience
> here.
> Cheers
> - R. Tyler Croy
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