[Jenkins-infra] jenkins-2.60.1-1.1.noarch.rpm corrupted?

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Tue Jun 27 21:47:05 UTC 2017

> On 27. Jun 2017, at 22:20, Jay Hendren <jay.hendren at colorado.edu> wrote:
> The package jenkins-2.60.1-1.1.noarch.rpm, which was uploaded earlier today to the https://pkg.jenkins.io/redhat-stable RPM repository, appears to be corrupted.  When I try to install it via Yum on an RHEL 7 system, I get the following error message:

We had to re-release the package since it was based on a wrong revision of the packaging sources (and did not actually include the chown change noted in the changelog), but the mirrors serving the actual file don't seem to have been updated in time. Probably fixed by tomorrow.

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