[Jenkins-infra] Creating Sprints in Jenkins Jira

Catalin Luta luta.catalin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 08:21:33 UTC 2017

Hello guys!

Since it's my first email here, I want to say that it's nice to e-meet you

I'm one of the contributors to the JiraTestResultPublisher plugin and I
have a question related to how we should organize our development.

Since we receive our issues in the Jenkins Jira, I thought it would be
easier and straight forward to create our sprints there. This way we could
stay on schedule and we'd have transparency for the users (for example,
they could see planned release dates).

But as it turns out, I can only create boards, not sprints. Since the
plugins are basically components in the JENKINS project, a user requires
admin rights to the project in order to create sprints. My question is: Is
this implemented by design? Are we expected to handle our planning outside
of the main JIRA? If so, can you recommend a solution that would allow us
to link the JIRA items with some external planning?

Have a great day!
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