[Jenkins-infra] Talking points for GitHub?

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Wed Nov 15 00:01:23 UTC 2017

Following up on this thread since I had my meeting with GitHub today.

I discussed all of the talking points sent to me with them and shared some
general feedback and thoughts on how GitHub.com could improve. The one thing we
identified pretty early on was that our challenges and problems are not too
disimmilar for what "enterprises" encounter. I hope this provides a strong
incentive to fix some things.

GitHub also seems much more motivated than they were a couple years ago to
accomodate and help large projects like Jenkins be successful and stay on
GitHub. It doesn't hurt that GitLab and Phabricator are encouraging some
notable projects to use GitHub as a read-only Git mirror. :)

Much of the discussion centered around managing policy and access control. I
don't have any commitments from GitHub on making either of these easier for us
in the near future but the GitHubbers took fastidious notes, so maybe? We also
discussed at some length the user experience challenges of a large
many-repositories project which they didn't have specific suggestions on how
they might address repo and/or team discoverability though they did understand
the problem.

Some reporting or "overall visibility into the org" topics were discussed,
again with not specific suggestions for how they might solve the issues, but an
empathetic understanding that there is a problem for folks like Daniel who are
trying to answer certain questions about unused repos, teams, users, etc.

Finally I stressed to them that we're here not to administer a large project,
but to contribute to the large project, and everything they can do to make it
easier "to keep the lights on" will directly impact our ability to submit code
to Jenkins. I conveyed this with a budget analogy: if I have 1/24th of my time
to contribute to Jenkins, I would rather not spend time dealing with
administrative minutia but instead fix a bug, implement a feature, etc. This
resonated strongly with them and resulted in many many notes being taken, so
maybe good things will come from my kvetching :)

In essence, I feel more confident after this discussion that GitHub actually
gives a shit about our (big org) problems AND has the staffing to actually
address those problems.

Thanks everybody for your talking points, they were really helpful.

- R. Tyler Croy

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