[Jenkins-infra] Helping the git plugin and git client plugin

Mark Waite mark.earl.waite at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 14:50:26 UTC 2017

The git client plugin and the git plugin testing and reliability could be
greatly helped by some additional infrastructure.

Currently, prior to release of either of those plugins, I take them through
the following steps:

   1. Successful build on ci.jenkins.io
   2. Successful build on my test infrastructure which includes agents on
      1. CentOS 6
      2. CentOS 7
      3. Debian 7
      4. Debian 8
      5. Debian 9
      6. Ubuntu 14
      7. Ubuntu 16
      8. Windows 7 x86
      9. Windows 10 x64
   3. Successful deployment to my docker based test infrastructure
   4. Successful exploratory testing of the several hundred test jobs
   defined in my docker based test infrasrtucture

I'd love to have more of the git plugin and git client plugin automation
hosted in the open, rather than sitting on recycled hardware in my
basement.  I think it would help the project, and improve the plugins.

Things I'd really like from the infrastructure:

   1. Easy access to run tests on multiple Linux releases (similar to the
   ease that I have today using arguments to buildPlugin)
   2. Easily define and configure docker based test instances which would
   include agents using specific operating systems (used for exploratory
   3. Safe way to place credentials inside test infrastructure without
   publishing those credentials to a public repository

The last item isn't really an infrastructure item, but more coaching for
me.  I'd like:

   1. Coaching on how to transition from my internally hosted docker master
   and physical agents to a cloud hosted docker and master agents

I'm fine if one (or all) of those things are outside the scope of Jenkins
infra, but wanted to ask for the help in case it is available.

Mark Waite
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