[Jenkins-infra] Opening up Google Analytics access a bit

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Tue Feb 20 15:21:36 UTC 2018

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On Thu, 15 Feb 2018, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:

> jenkins.io uses Google Analytics so that we can better understand who our
> users are and how they behave on jenkins.io. The whole point of collecting
> this information is so that we can improve how we do things based on the
> data, but currently only Tyler has access to it.
> As the raw information in GA can be sensitive, it makes sense that the
> access is restricted, but I think we should open it up a little.
> Consequently, I propose that we add Olivier Vernin and Alyssa Tong.
> Olivier, because he's the de-facto infra team, and Alyssa as the event
> officer, because the data we have there should influence how we do events
> and other activities.

This is fine with me, and I have added admin access to olblak commiserate with
his existing infra level permissions, and have added read access for Alyssa.

I want to make very clear the expectations of trust here. As far as I am
concerned this is data owned by the project, and use of that data for private
or commercial purposes is not okay with me. Unless of course you're sharing
this information with the Jenkins community first and foremost, for example:
or as batmat did when determining what quantity of JDK8 installs were present:

Data privacy is a very important topic for me personally, such that I block all
Google Analytics at a hostname level, but I understand the utility this
information can have for our advocacy work within the Jenkins project. Google
Analytics knows, or pretends to know, a *lot* about visitors. Please be
thoughtful and respectful of our users when generating reports or drawing
conclusions from this data.

- R. Tyler Croy

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