[Jenkins-infra] [#73645] One more, hopefully the last, request

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Wed Feb 21 00:45:04 UTC 2018

> On 21. Feb 2018, at 00:41, support at jfrog.com wrote:
>   Thank you for your patience. We are still investigating this issue on our end. One thing our dev team would like to confirm with you is the size and usage for the following directory "repo1/maven-integration-test-helper". We look forward for your update. Thank you.

Hi Paul,

Please note that we're seeing pretty consistent Maven indexing duration for the last several weeks of around 10-11 minutes, which is better than what we started with in early December. Even the restart earlier today only caused an additional 3 minutes delay. So from that perspective we're pretty happy right now.

Regarding your question, I couldn't find any reference to this groupId/artifactId in our GitHub orgs. It's not an exhaustive search, but I'd consider it unlikely we're relying on it, at least not directly. Regarding size, the specific directory doesn't exist in https://repo.jenkins-ci.org/repo1-cache/ so I assume it's not cached and anything needing it would be broken anyway…? Trying to load it on the UI doesn't seem to work at all. Our repo1 is a remote repo pointing to http://repo-demo.jfrog.org/artifactory/repo1 and I don't know why that's the repo1 mirror (?) we're accessing. Perhaps a historical default? Would a different URL be a better choice here?

Should we perhaps try zapping our cache of repo1 to see whether that fixes whatever problem you're seeing?


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