[Jenkins-infra] [INFRA-910] Automating release of Jenkins

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kk at kohsuke.org
Fri Jul 27 16:51:00 UTC 2018

This is really exciting. It'd be a big day when this goes LIVE!!!

On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 8:01 AM Olblak <me at olblak.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I started to have a look to the release automation epic (INFRA-910) and I
> am looking for feedback from people involved with the package release
> process to understand how it works and what would be the needs in a new
> process.
> The way I understand this epic, involves several sub parts.
> 1. Release Packages
> This would be building, signing, publishing all jenkins packages from
> trusted.ci
> As far as I understand it , we should adapt this script from Kohsuke
> https://git.io/vhBZN, in a new Jenkinsfile.release file on
> jenkinsci/jenkins repository. And it would be manually triggered from
> trusted.ci.
> I still have to write an IEP document about this.
> 2. Distribute Packages
> This part is about how we provide packages to end users.
> This would include War, Windows, Mac OSX, Debian, Redhat and Opensuse
> packages
> I started working on a draft here https://git.io/vhBGl .
> 3. Update Center
> This draft proposes an update on the 'update center' service.
> https://git.io/vhBGO
> Am I missing a big element?
> Cheers,
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