[Jenkins-infra] [INFRA-910] Automating release of Jenkins

Olblak me at olblak.com
Tue Jun 5 15:01:24 UTC 2018


I started to have a look to the release automation epic (INFRA-910) and I am looking for feedback from people involved with the package release process to understand how it works and what would be the needs in a new process. 

The way I understand this epic, involves several sub parts.

1. Release Packages
This would be building, signing, publishing all jenkins packages from trusted.ci

As far as I understand it , we should adapt this script from Kohsuke https://git.io/vhBZN, in a new Jenkinsfile.release file on jenkinsci/jenkins repository. And it would be manually triggered from trusted.ci.
I still have to write an IEP document about this.

2. Distribute Packages
This part is about how we provide packages to end users.
This would include War, Windows, Mac OSX, Debian, Redhat and Opensuse packages
I started working on a draft here https://git.io/vhBGl .

3. Update Center
This draft proposes an update on the 'update center' service.

Am I missing a big element? 


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