[Jenkins-infra] [INFRA-910] Automating release of Jenkins

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Tue Jun 5 15:45:28 UTC 2018

> On 5. Jun 2018, at 17:01, Olblak <me at olblak.com> wrote:
> Am I missing a big element? 

Staging of security fixes a day or two before, from jenkinsci-cert/jenkins, into a configurable staging repo in Artifactory (for artifacts), and ideally including staging of package repos, pushing commits to the private GitHub repo only.

A way to resolve merge conflicts on release, which occur regularly at least with security updates.

In terms of distribution, I need a way to quickly push both core and plugins through whatever infra stands between public bits in Artifactory and distribution to users, unless that's really fast to begin with. See the private security runbook for how I accomplish this today.

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