[Jenkins-infra] Granting YouTube/HoA access to Ewelina and Martin

Baptiste Mathus ml at batmat.net
Sun Jun 24 15:49:30 UTC 2018

Personally fine with this as Ewelina and Martin are well-known and active
community members.

Just thinking: as we give permissions to a growing number of people, could
(should?) we require 2FA to be enabled for accounts being granted those
extended permissions?

IMO if the Google interface (which I do not know) makes it feasible without
too much hassle, then this is a should if not a must.

Le dim. 24 juin 2018 à 14:23, Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenashev at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> Dear Infra Team, // + active YouTube channel admins in Cc
> I would like to grant Jenkins YouTube channel "Manager" permissions to
> Ewelina Wilkosz and Martin d'Anjou. They lead activities in the Jenkins
> project which require recording (GSoC and JCasC).
> I may have difficulties with hosting Hangouts-on-Air sessions during next
> months due to traveling and other events, and I would like to avoid being a
> bottleneck.
> Justification:
>    - Ewelina is a lead of the Configuration-as-Code Plugin. There are
>    status calls every 2 weeks. next call is Jun 27, and there is a high risk
>    that both me and Liam won't be available to do the recording.
>    - Martin is an organization admin in Jenkins Google Summer of Code.
>    There are 6 status calls with students every week, and we record some calls
>    on-demand. There are also evaluation period presentations.
> As a part of the permission transfer, I will make sure to have a call with
> Martin and Ewelina in order to do a knowledge transfer with them.
> Would it be possible to grant them permissions, preferably before Jun 27?
> Thanks in advance,
> Oleg Nenashev
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