[Jenkins-infra] Resurrecting domain transfers from my account to SPI

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Mon Mar 5 20:20:34 UTC 2018

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On Sat, 03 Mar 2018, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> On 14963 March 1977, R. Tyler Croy wrote:
> > These are currently all hosted on Namecheap and, if I remember correctly, SPI
> > uses Gandi?
> SPI uses multiple, Gandi being one of them, Mythic Beast another.
> > I assume that we will need to perform a transfer across registrars,
> > which last time we discussed this we stopped short of sending authorization
> > codes.
> Yes, 2015 stuff got from Fabio to you and then it stopped.
> Do you now only want us to have the domains, while DNS is wherever? Or
> do you want SPI to also run the DNS for you? (We are happy to just point
> at your NS)
> > I'm curious whether we can resurrect this process?
> Maintaining assets like domains is what SPI does, so as long as Jenkins
> is an SPI project there shouldn't be a problem.
> So if you want it, domains need to be unlocked, dns location decided,
> auth codes given to SPI, then it should roll.

We will only want to be transferring the domains, but still run our existing
DNS infrastructure (ns1, ns2, ns3.jenkins-ci.org).

I have an event coming up, so the best time to go through with the migration
process would be after March 15th.

From a process security standpoint, would the hostmaster@ alias be sufficiently
secure for me to send authorization codes to? Is there a GPG identify
associated with it?

Do let me know, and when you'd prefer to perform this migration.

- R. Tyler Croy

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