[Jenkins-infra] Moving ci.jenkins.io to Java 11

Adrien Lecharpentier adrien.lecharpentier at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 09:17:29 UTC 2019


as we worked on making sure Jenkins could be run on Java 11, that we
announced that and some of us are already running for some time our
instances on Java 11, I'm wondering if we could move ci.jenkins.io to be
run on Java 11.

I'm asking here to have a discussion. If we think it would be fine, I'll
open a infra ticket to track this work.

If we have all the latest version of Pipeline plugins (workflow-support
3.0+ is the most important) on the instance, we should be fine. So other
plugins had to be fixed, but they were almost all released with the fix.

Adrien Lecharpentier
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