[Jenkins-infra] Moving ci.jenkins.io to Java 11

Baptiste Mathus ml at batmat.net
Wed Apr 3 19:14:34 UTC 2019

Cool. We are going to look into this. Not sure on which timeline yet
exactly, but I do think it would be a very valuable situation to be in.
Be able to tell users out there that we were confident enough to switch
main instance of the Jenkins Project is a clear signal.

Would it be maybe possible to receive a support bundle off the band, so we
can look at possible specifics, like the list and versions of plugins
installed, etc.?



Le mer. 3 avr. 2019 à 18:06, R. Tyler Croy <rtyler at brokenco.de> a écrit :

> (replies inline)
> On Wed, 03 Apr 2019, Adrien Lecharpentier wrote:
> > Well, 2.164 and 2.164.1 are the first releases of Jenkins to officially
> support
> > JDK11.
> > We already are running 2.164.1 so it's "just" a matter of upgrading the
> JVM we
> > run the instance with.
> Aha! I misunderstood the timeline for JDK11, I thought it was in the
> weeklies
> only still.
> Well if that's the case, which one of you folks are going to plan the
> migration
> ;)
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